Dr. Mario! Eminem Dr. Dre Parody - I Need A Doctor re: Mario Bros vs Wright Bros. Epic Rap


Dr. Mario! Eminem Dr. Dre Parody - I Need A Doctor re: Mario Bros vs Wright Bros. Epic Rap

Download the song here: itunes.apple.com Chad and Angie's parody of "I Need a Doctor" by Eminem and Dr. Dre. Featuring SociallyAwkwardHuman as Luigi: www.youtube.com Screen Team puts out geeky parodies and vlogs! Subscribe for your weekly geekly fun! Screen Team Shop now open! screenteam.spreadshirt.com Facebook: screenteamshow.com Twitter: twitter.com Lyrics Chorus (Peach) I'm about to lose a life I've been hit by a shell This happens all the time I need a doctor Call me a doctor I need my Doctor Mario So i can feel alright Rap Luigi I told my bro, one day he should go on back To the lab and make us a game so fast and fun you'll have a heart attack Throwin' vitamins at viruses, tell me how cool is that? Next time, include Luigi MD, now how 'bout that? No! But don't even think i'm mad. I only got a vacuum cleaner, when he got a water spraying jet pack. Hope you come with a new game fast Galaxy was a blast. But, Mario, wish you'd throw some pills like in past! Rap Mario It feels like many generations ago When i first put on my lab coat and my.... stethoscope I've played golf, and i shot hoops, tennis too, it's true But i had a lot of fun as Dr. Mario too. Got my friends. One of them i ride on. So watch your step. Yoshi's tongue can equal certain death Chew 'em up and spit 'em out. Luigi is my man. He is a lot like me but he's a slim! Big Bertha scares us, But we like to swim! Silly Bowser After all these years, you think he'd run from us But it seems he isn't through ...
@unAkayama Dr.マリオ懐かしいな!りんたま今日仕事&マツエク行くからダメだにゃ!明日も中途半端な時間だしな…近々タピオに付き合って!卒業式に着るジャケみたいから。

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